Project List


DIY Travel Ukulele

Paddle Ukulele

Ukulele with Optical Pickup

Solid Body Travel Ukulele

1920’s Banjo Ukulele Restoration

Orange Bass Ukulele

Acoustic Travel Ukulele (Free Plans)

Geared Tuners Travel Ukulele

Altoids Ukulele

Bedpan Ukulele

Bamboo Floor Ukulele

Tenor Tin Ukulele

Koa Super Soprano Ukulele

Skateboard Ukulele

Cedar and Mahogany Ukulele

Cookie Tin Ukulele

Double Neck Mandolin/Ukulele

Sopranino Ukulele

Flying V Ukulele

Sopranino Pineapple Ukulele

Lightsaber Ukulele

Wave Electric Ukulele

Walking Cane Ukulele

Quad Neck Ukulele

Turnover Mandolin Ukulele

Fluke Style Ukulele

Electric Ukulele (Free Plans)

Jazz Bass Ukulele

Vintage Harmony Ukulele Repair

Pineapple Concert Ukulele

Soprano Telecaster Ukulele

Travel Stick Ukulele

Tenor Telecaster Ukulele

Tenor Acoustic Ukulele

Souvenir Ukulele Repair

Violin Bass Ukulele

Travel Ukulele (2105)

Guitar Hero Ukulele

Turtle Shell Ukulele

Kindle Fire Ukulele

Ammo Box Ukulele

Telecaster Electric Ukulele

Handmade Northern Ukulele

Home Depot Travel Ukulele

Tennis Racquet Banjo Ukulele

Frying Pan Ukulele

Jag-Stang Electric Ukulele

Explorer Electric Ukulele

Electric Harp Ukulele


Kay Archtop Repair

Satellite Dish Guitar

Maple Acoustic Guitar

Banjo Guitar Repair

Radio Guitar



Strumstick Ukulele

Film Can Strummer

Cigar Box Banjo

Altoids Banjo

Altoids Guitar

World’s Smallest Altoids Guitar

Electric Balalaika

Cigar Box Strumstick


Clip-on Guitar Amp

Radio to Guitar Amp Conversion

iPhone Earphones Remote Hack

BZFLAG Game Controller

Homemade Mini Guitar Amplifier

Homemade Pocket Audio Amplifier

Guitar Frequency Splitter Pedal

8 thoughts on “Project List

  1. Vernena Jorgensen

    I knew you made a lot of instruments. I love having the list so I don’t forget some of them. This is very impressive. You never cease to amaze me.

  2. jptorresini

    Man, your site is awesome, Ukulele it’s bueatiful. But I did not find a video where you are building one. Im Brazilian and I need help to build my own Ukulele.
    Thanks man, big hug.

  3. Mark Weisman

    Hi Daniel,
    I love your creativity with ukuleles. Do you do it for joy or would you consider a commission for a travel ukulele? As much as I would love to make one, I sadly have no skills and no tools in that arena.

    1. danielhulbert Post author

      Hey Mark,

      I’m really swamped right now with work, projects, and family stuff right now, so I won’t be taking on any new custom projects for awhile. I’d say contact me again around the end of summer.

      Have a great day,


  4. Tyler Schommer

    Hey Dan, just wanted to say that I loved the idea of the crutch guitar that you have on your channel. It’s a real shame that it flexed too much to retain shape and tone. I would say try again using a metal crutch or bracing the wood crutch with some metal rods, but those would either be difficult to work with or heavier.

  5. Oscar Stern

    Why not build a new instrument, Convert a 4 string cigar box guitar into a 6 string tuned to baritone tuning because E standard tuning would crack the top.


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