Project Guide


Easy: Made with basic tools and skills. Miter box, hand saw, fret saw, electric hand drill and bits, hammer, soldering iron, screwdrivers, fret cutter, etc.

Intermediate: A few specialized tools and skills required. Drill press, specialized drill bits, spoke shave, needle files, etc.

Advanced: Specialized tools and skills required. Router, trim router, various router bits, microplane rasp, scroll saw, etc.

Estimated Cost of Parts/Supplies

$: Under 30 dollars.

$$: Between 30 and 100 dollars.

$$$: Over 100 dollars.

7 thoughts on “Project Guide

  1. Maqsood Ali

    I am trying to recreate the sound of a Rabab via a banjo uke by adding a flare on the neck which will receive 5-7 sympathetic strings. I have drawn the concept. Will you be able to make the neck for me for a reasonable price.
    I am in Edmonton Canada

  2. Albie Vickers aka ziggybass

    WEll I have my first bass coming together fast thanks to you. My problem is I need to know what spacing my frets should be. The frets are right for the length as a guitar but i am out of my cumfort zone now. I am used to 34″ scale bass.

  3. Ernie O'Dell

    Love your work and UTube video. Going to be working on the electric backpacker Ukulele. Where do you get or do you make the turn arounds. will send you a picture when done.

    1. danielhulbert Post author

      I have not been able to find the tattoo grip turnarounds recently on eBay. Lately I have been 3D printing them. The zero fret does not have to be a larger size than the rest of the frets, but it makes it easier to get the proper string height.


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