For Sale

NOTE: Prices are in US dollars and shipping cost is to the continental United State.  Inquire for shipping costs to other locations.  Contact me to buy.  PayPal or Venmo is the preferred method of payment.

The Guitar and Ukulele Multi-Tool are now available on the Circuits and Strings Etsy Shop.

Ukulele Multi-Tool

Guitar Multi-Tool

Circuits and Strings Instrument Strap

Price: $15 with free US shipping

Description:  The official Circuits and Strings guitar/ukulele strap.  “C & S” are embroidered into the 2″ wide black nylon strap.

These are handmade by me in my garage. They come in various sizes (ranging from 1″ to 3″) and the majority of them are dark brown (although I did make a few maple ones).  Send an email to me to order and let me know if you want small, medium, large, or random size.

Heritage Cherry Travel Ukulele

Demo video:

Price with free US shipping: $200

Kindle Fire Ukulele

Price:  $50

Shipping:  Ships free on orders over $35.  🙂

Cookie Tin Ukulele

Price: $60

Shipping:  $20

41 thoughts on “For Sale

      1. Paul Thomson

        Hi Daniel,
        Could you let me know when you make more backpacker ukes – they are fantastic and I’d love to have one on my travels 🙂

      2. danielhulbert Post author

        I’ve been saying this for a while, but I do hope to get 3-6 of these ukes made before the end of the year. I need to buckle down and do it. 🙂

    1. Merlin

      Hello, I would also be really interested in a backpackers ukelele, as I do a lot of trekking. I don’t know if you are going to make them again… but if you do (or if you make another kind of ukelele who’s easy to travel with while trekking), please contact me.

  1. Lawrence Wiggins

    do you do custom builds? i would love to buy a ukulele bass from you like the jazz bass one, but modeled after a precision bass with a maple fretboard instead of rosewood.

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  3. Paul Thomson

    Hi Daniel,
    Love your designs, they keep getting better and better.
    I would love to buy a backpacker ukulele next time you are making some.

    How was your epic trip?

    1. Simon

      I’ve only been playing uke (my first ever instrument – I can play exactly one song: creep!) for a week, so I know nothing, so feel free to ignore me, but i had a thought: if the backpacker uke had a pickup you could use it to play live, and if the back you added to amplify the sound around the campfire was detachable (I have no idea if this is even possible) it could also be used for quiet practice (on the train, when the kids are sleeping) (maybe it could also have a stethoscope-headset like the ultralite travel guitar) – it’d be the travel uke that could do anything! It would presumably be a little heavier, but for the versatility the trade off would probably be worth it (to me anyway). Anyway just thoughts, I want an instrument I can easily carry with me… and I’ve been trawling the internet reading about my new hobby!

      1. danielhulbert Post author

        Hey Simon,
        Thanks the comment. “Creep” is a sweet song.

        I’m not sure if anyone would seriously play this at a concert, but a piezo rod module could be slide into the tube bridge. I do put pickups on my other travel ukulele, but I wanted to make this a little simpler.

        I’m experimenting with a mechanic’s stethoscope in the bridge tube. It might work, but it might be too loud.

        Thanks for the fun feedback. Keep in touch.


  4. Simon

    Afterthought: I guess I’m dreaming of something I can strum out loud and also practice silently with – I’ve got a couple of trips coming up and it’d be nice to use the travel time for practice time. I’m toying with getting the guitar traveler uke or the risa stick, tho of course unamped they won’t be any good for out-loud practice. Anyway, love the creativity of your instruments, must be fun to make as well as play.

  5. sml175

    Interested in the Bass walking stick w brass handles. Had to sell my woodshop as well as retire due to disability as I would have used that video in a heartbeat but now need someone else to make it.


  6. Nick

    Hi Daniel, I just had a question regarding your backpacking guitar. I had decided to take the project on myself however as I am looking for wood to use, most wood is 4/4 which is approximately 13/16 of an inch and in the supplies you said a complete inch. Do you think I could get away with using a 13/16 inch thick piece of wood considering I can’t find any wood around me that would be 5/4 which is closer to an inch but possibly over?

    1. danielhulbert Post author

      For the extra tension of the six guitar strings, I would use wood that is at least an inch thick. The 5/4 (1.25 inches) is a better choice than the 13/16. Good luck.

  7. Hemang Shrestha

    Hi Daniel,
    Could you let me know if you if you could sell one of you deluxe travel ukulele? I was really interested in that beautiful tenor to accompany in my travel.

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  10. Steven (Stefan) Harloff

    Hi , iam from Hamburg Germany , i would love to buy your Backpacker guitar, is it available? greez Steve

  11. Steven (Stefan) Harloff

    Hey Daniel, Thanx for your reply. Sad, i really like ur backpacker guitar. Could u build one for me.and if yes how much would it cost?

  12. Steven (Stefan) Harloff

    Hey Daniel, so could u build one backpacker guitar for me as well
    .and if yes how much would it cost?

    1. danielhulbert Post author

      Hi Mark,

      I’ve been swamped recently with other projects and life commitments. I don’t know when I’ll have time to make another acoustic travel uke. But I do have an idea to add some acoustic volume to my “backpacker ukulele” design.


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