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Win my Tennis Racquet Ukulele!


Win my Tennis Racquet ukulele by playing the “Lafayette Lilt”.

Contest info and rules:

1. Make a video covering “Lafayette Lilt”.
2. Upload the video the video to YouTube. (Make sure to have “Lafayette Lilt” in the title, but add whatever flair you want to the song)
3. Email to share your video with me. (Only one entry per person)
4. Video submissions until December 31, 2015 at midnight.
5. Finalists will be posted to this blog on January 2nd.
6. Voting until January 15th.
7. First place wins the Tennis Racquet Ukulele. Second and Third win Guitar Wall Hangers.



Tennis Racquet Ukulele


Lafayette Lilt Tips and Hints

Tablature – Lafayette Lilt

Sheet Music – Lafayette Lilt – Main Riff

Good luck!


Four Uke Bloggers on Creating Original Arrangements

This month we were challenged to make a ukulele arrangement for a song that we love.  I decided to do “Spangle” by The Wedding Present.  I first heard a cover of this song in 2002 and I’ve liked it ever since.

Click on the link to see the chords I used, plus hear 3 more great songs.

Beyond D DU UDU : Favorite ‘Go-To’ Strums from 5 Ukulele Bloggers

The ukulele can be a versatile instrument, you just need to branch out with different strumming patterns and chords.  I’m collaborating with some other uke bloggers to share tips and tricks.  We will take turns hosting the content.  It will be fun.

Check out the pattern that I contributed:

See the rest of the strums here:

Lafayette Lilt Tutorial

I demonstrate all of my instruments with either an original song, or one in the public domain.  One of my favorite original songs is one that I call “Lafayette Lilt”.  I tabbed the song and made a video with tips for my brother a few months ago.  Quite a few people have asked how to play it, so here it is.  Enjoy.

Download the tabs here:

Lafayette Lilt tabs