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Plans in Action: Chris from Kentucky

I love to hear from people who have used my plans successfully. Chris from Kentucky sent me an email with pictures from his “Wolfgang Uke” project.  He started out making the simple rectangular body from the free plans, but then decided to do something more elaborate.

The body is red oak, and the body is pine.

In progress.

This ukulele turned out great.  Nice work Chris!  What do you plan to build next?


Plans in Action: Chuck from Montana

I got an email Chuck from Montana telling me about the ukulele he built.

He did an excellent modifying my free acoustic travel ukulele plans.

He not only built built this ukulele, but he also cut and milled the log from a Pennsylvania Cherry log.  That is really impressive to me.

This was Chuck’s first instrument build, but I bet it won’t be his last.

Excellent job Chuck! we can’t wait to see what you build next.



Builder Highlight – Kim Dang from the UK

Kim contacted me to share his ukulele projects. He is planning on making quite a few ukes in 2015.


The “Death Ukulele”. (He’s explains why it’s called “death” in his video)



The “Hole Ukulele”. (No explanation required)




Definitely check out his blog.  He is making a ukulele every month in 2015.  He made a violin shaped solid body electric in February.

Builder Highlight – King Uke

I’m starting a feature on this site.  There are a lot of really neat people building instruments and sharing them on the internet.  I watch a lot of YouTube videos and run across some great instruments.  I intend to post a few of my favorite videos from them and give links to their YouTube channels.


This month I want to highlight King Uke from England.  Along with being an instrument builder, he is also a blogger, and a graphic novelist (among other things). Some of his instrument designs really make me mad….mad that I didn’t think of them first. 🙂


Grand Poobah Ukulele

Sharkfin Ukulele


KINGCASTER Electric Ukulele


What are you waiting for?  Go subscribe to his channel.

And check out his blog.

Who is your favorite builder?  Let me know, and I could highlight them.