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Astro Folding Ukulele

I love travel style ukuleles of all sorts.  Finding ways to make instruments ultra portable is fascinating to me.

I’ve built a many different kinds of travel ukuleles.  I even made a ukulele with a retractable neck.

If a neck folds for storage, the strings need to be managed.  The new folding ukulele made by Astro Ukulele has a moving bridge that prevents the string from getting too floppy when it is folded for travel.  When unfolded, it is a soprano ukulele.  It even has two “wings” that pop out to make it easier to hold.

The Astro Ukulele comes in two different models, A and E.  The A is acoustic, and the E is electric.

The Kickstarter campaign  for the Astro Ukulele just launched.  Check out the ukulele models and other perks of the project.



Unfortunately this project failed to reach its goal on Kickstarter. Hopefully they will find another way to produce this design.