Win my Tennis Racquet Ukulele!


Win my Tennis Racquet ukulele by playing the “Lafayette Lilt”.

Contest info and rules:

1. Make a video covering “Lafayette Lilt”.
2. Upload the video the video to YouTube. (Make sure to have “Lafayette Lilt” in the title, but add whatever flair you want to the song)
3. Email to share your video with me. (Only one entry per person)
4. Video submissions until December 31, 2015 at midnight.
5. Finalists will be posted to this blog on January 2nd.
6. Voting until January 15th.
7. First place wins the Tennis Racquet Ukulele. Second and Third win Guitar Wall Hangers.



Tennis Racquet Ukulele


Lafayette Lilt Tips and Hints

Tablature – Lafayette Lilt

Sheet Music – Lafayette Lilt – Main Riff

Good luck!



5 thoughts on “Win my Tennis Racquet Ukulele!

      1. Bob D.

        The music is great…it’s the title that needs to change. It makes me think of Purdue. My song will be “Bloomington Blues”…Go Hoosiers!

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  2. Ingrid

    Bummer, why didn’t I see this earlier? Would have loved to win this uke, I am female and always feel a thinner uke would be less awkward to hold and easier to play! Pity I am a jewellery artist and not a woodworker, could swap you a ukulele brooch or earrings in silver? You might have somebody to give that to?


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