Monthly Archives: October 2015

Eastman Mandocello Repair

A friend brought this mandocello in rough shape. He had purchased it at an estate sale in its damaged condition.


It had a significant crack on the side.


Before I started the glue job, I loosened the strings a lot so they would not add extra stress to the joint.


I got a few syringes on eBay and filled them with glue.


I carefully injected glue into the cracks.


I used some DIY spool clamps that I made last year to keep the joint together.


After the glue dried, I sprayed two coat of nitrocellulose lacquer over the joint to seal everything up.

Even though this mandocello got a battle scar, it is still a gorgeous instrument.


This was my first chance to play a mandocello.  They are really cool sounding instrument that would be a great addition to any folk ensemble.


Namuai Cedar Ukulele Review

This is the NUC-900A model from Namuai Ukulele. It’s a concert ukulele made with cedar and mahogany.  Check out how it sounds by watching the video at the end of the article.

It has a solid cedar top that has beautiful binding around the edge.  It also has the distinctive Namuai headstock that swoops up.
  The back, neck, and side are made with mahogany.  It also features strap begs on the heel and end.

This ukulele is great for gigging.  It has a pickup with built-in tuner and tone control.


Check out the video to learn more and to hear a demo.