Les Paul Electric Ukulele

Difficulty: Advanced

Cost: $$$

Here’s another electric ukulele modeled after a classic guitar shape.



For the first tiime, I used gold hardware.  I’m normally use chrome or occasionally black hardware.  I think the gold hardware looks great on the red body.



The paint was from an auto parts store.  It’s red with metal flecks.



The body wood is alder and the neck wood is maple.  The fretboard is rosewood.




WIth the ukulele complete and a gig bag case from eBay, this thing is ready to rock.


See it in action:


4 thoughts on “Les Paul Electric Ukulele

  1. almartin93


    What are you’re thoughts on steel strings/mag pups vs. nylons/piezo pup when it comes to sound. I’m working on a Strat-style uke and am torn between the two choices.

    I was originally going with nylons to keep the sound more uke-Ishmael, but I’m not sure it’ll make much difference. Your thoughts?


    1. danielhulbert Post author

      It really depends on the sound you are looking for. Nylon strings will sound more mellow but you’ll need a preamp to boost the signal. Metal strings and mag pickups will sound like an electric guitar.


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