One String Zigzag Bass

Difficulty: Advanced

Cost: $$

I’ve done regular fretboards, fanned fretboards, and regular fretboards.  But I’ve never done a zigzag fretboard.  This type of fretboard only works with one string, and I thought that one string is best suited for a bass instrument.


What’s up with this crazy fretboard?

Here’s a progress shot of the bass.  The body is two small cigar boxes joined together.  The scale length is 24 and 7/8 inches long.  I did that for a very specific reason…because that the longest scale length I could do with the neck wood I had laying around.

The bridge is a single individual bass bridge.  The pickup is a single coil tele-style neck pickup.

Eventhough the frets look random, the frets intersect the middle of the fretboard right where the frets normally would.

The pickup is connected to the jack after going through a volume control.

It’s a weird looking instrument, but it might but so ugly that it looks kind of interesting.    A bit like a Picasso painting,  something is wrong with its appearance, but you can’t look away.

See it in action:


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