Homemade Guitalele

Difficulty: Intermediate

Cost: $$

This was a project that didn’t take a whole lot of time.  Having the neck and body already done really made this project go fast.




The neck was from a cheap kid’s guitar, and the body was from a grizzly kit.


I attached the neck with glue and a dowel.



I got an undrilled ukulele bridge from StewMac.  The fretboard is made of purpleheart.


I strung it up with a light set of classical guitar strings.

See it in action:


43 thoughts on “Homemade Guitalele

  1. Tom

    Hi there! The thing looks beautiful! Can you drop a link on how to make the fretboard? Scale and measurements, basically? Thank you!

  2. Oscar Stern

    A homemade Guitalele, I was wondering if you can make me an electric guitalele that looks like a fender jag stang.

  3. Oscar Stern

    What does a jag stang electric guitalele look like if it’s modified from the jag stang electric ukulele?

  4. Oscar Stern

    That homemade guitalele looks different from the Yamaha. It uses instead of a slotted head stock, the head stock looks more like a coroboda guitalele.

  5. Oscar Stern

    I think you should come up with plans for an electric guitalele, because that instrument is going to sound great.

  6. Oscar Stern

    Wow a guitar multi tool works on building tons of projects. The next one is going to be the violin bass guitalele. It’s a 6 string violin U-Bass with a squire bass vi neck & the body refurbished from an old upright bass.

  7. Oscar Stern

    It sound very much like a Yamaha guitalele except it uses an angled head stock which gives it a Cordoba look. Aren’t those the same strings that you use on your classical guitar?

  8. Oscar Stern

    I just finished my jag stang guitalele & it’s a one piece model made out of wood laminate. It’s again tuned like a guitar with the capo on fret 5.

  9. Oscar Stern

    Why it would be my pleasure, I put it on a piece of paper. The neck by the way was refurbished from an old mini jag stang that broke down years ago & the body is made out of an old book case.

    1. Oscar Stern

      The jag stang guitalele is smaller than a typical jag stang guitar & it’s tuned like a guitar with the capo on the 5’th fret like you said in the video on the homemade guitalele. Why is a guitalele meant to be tuned a fourth higher than a guitar?

  10. Oscar Stern

    The electric guitalele is the next instrument we’re working on & I bet you need to purchase a piezo pickup to electrify it.

  11. Oscar Stern

    The picture of the creation you told me to show is similar to the jag stang ukulele in appearance but w/ 6 strings & 2 pickups.

  12. Oscar Stern

    The image of a jag stang guitalele is similar to that of a jag stang except it’s smaller & tuned a 4’th higher like a requinto, another name for the guitalele.

  13. Oscar Stern

    You should probably look at a music villa.com video, The Yamaha guitalele ’cause he’s from a group “The lucky fingers” he reviews us instruments made by many instrument makers.

  14. Oscar Stern

    The band lucky fingers plays instruments made entirely out of real hard wood that’s been cut, carved, glued, stained, lacquered, painted, & finished.

  15. Oscar Stern

    The 6 string electric contra bass balalaika has a similar appearance to you’re balalaika except it’s big & has 3 pairs of strings with guitar tuning machines.

  16. Oscar Stern

    The picture of the jag stang guitalele is similar to the jag stang guitar except it’s a lot smaller & you need to be really careful with it ’cause it’s made out of an old cabinet & there is a space to store spare strings.

  17. Oscar Stern

    Can you please try to make an electric guitalele based off on one of your electric ukuleles?


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