Homemade Guitalele

Difficulty: Intermediate

Cost: $$

This was a project that didn’t take a whole lot of time.  Having the neck and body already done really made this project go fast.




The neck was from a cheap kid’s guitar, and the body was from a grizzly kit.


I attached the neck with glue and a dowel.



I got an undrilled ukulele bridge from StewMac.  The fretboard is made of purpleheart.


I strung it up with a light set of classical guitar strings.

See it in action:


31 thoughts on “Homemade Guitalele

  1. Tom

    Hi there! The thing looks beautiful! Can you drop a link on how to make the fretboard? Scale and measurements, basically? Thank you!

  2. Oscar Stern

    A homemade Guitalele, I was wondering if you can make me an electric guitalele that looks like a fender jag stang.

  3. Oscar Stern

    What does a jag stang electric guitalele look like if it’s modified from the jag stang electric ukulele?

  4. Oscar Stern

    That homemade guitalele looks different from the Yamaha. It uses instead of a slotted head stock, the head stock looks more like a coroboda guitalele.

  5. Oscar Stern

    I think you should come up with plans for an electric guitalele, because that instrument is going to sound great.

  6. Oscar Stern

    Wow a guitar multi tool works on building tons of projects. The next one is going to be the violin bass guitalele. It’s a 6 string violin U-Bass with a squire bass vi neck & the body refurbished from an old upright bass.

  7. Oscar Stern

    It sound very much like a Yamaha guitalele except it uses an angled head stock which gives it a Cordoba look. Aren’t those the same strings that you use on your classical guitar?

  8. Oscar Stern

    I just finished my jag stang guitalele & it’s a one piece model made out of wood laminate. It’s again tuned like a guitar with the capo on fret 5.

  9. Oscar Stern

    Why it would be my pleasure, I put it on a piece of paper. The neck by the way was refurbished from an old mini jag stang that broke down years ago & the body is made out of an old book case.

  10. Oscar Stern

    The electric guitalele is the next instrument we’re working on & I bet you need to purchase a piezo pickup to electrify it.


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