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Win a Deluxe Altoids Ukulele!

My YouTube channel recently hit 2000 subscribers.

To celebrate, I’m giving away my Deluxe Altoids Ukulele.


To be entered into the drawing, be a subscriber to my channel, and make a YouTube comment about how you found my channel.


Deluxe Altoids Ukulele

Difficulty: Intermediate
Cost: $$

My Altoids Ukulele has been a favorite on this blog and on my YouTube Channel. ┬áSomeone at work gave me a large sized Alotids tin, so I decided to make a “Deluxe” Altoids Ukulele.

I used a normal sized rosewood ukulele bridge to go along with the rosewood fretboard.

Unlike my other Altoids ukulele, I put a slight taper on the neck to make it more like a normal neck.  The neck is made of oak.

I wired a basic piezo disk to the 1/4 inch mono jack.

See it in action!