14 String Filipino Banduria

On a trip to the Philippines, I went to Musar Music  in Baguio City. There I bought a 14 string banduria.




Here I am with Marcial.  He’s the guy that helped me with my purchase.




That’s a lot of strings!



Pretty wood on the back.



Here’s a little demo of it:



10 thoughts on “14 String Filipino Banduria

  1. Oscar Stern

    The back is made out of mahogany. Shouldn’t you recycle all those strings when you go to restring it?

  2. Oscar Stern

    I built an electric Filipino banjo Bandurria by reusing the neck that came from a badly damaged Bandurria. What exactly is the back made out of?

  3. Oscar Stern

    Acacia wood, that’s is what the SG ukulele, & homemade pen are built out of. It’s going to take a very long time to get our electric 14 string Filipino bandurria up & running ’cause the plans we’re upgraded to a new level where that it also has a headphone jack.

  4. Oscar Stern

    It’s similar in appearance to a 14 string Filipino Bandurria except it has a pickup & solid wood body with a headphone jack so you can practice w/ out disturbing others. Right Mr. Hulbert? Because you might want to install a soundboard pickup so you can plug into the amp. I wouldn’t electrify that instrument if I were you ’cause there’s a rule. “Don’t electrify instruments by disassembling them, installing the pickup & reassembling it unless they need repairs.


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