Violin Bass Ukulele

Difficulty: Advanced

Cost: $$$

I’ve made a few bass ukuleles.  For this one I wanted to try a slotted headstock and a multiple piece neck.  I also wanted to make one that only has 3 strings.  It is still tuned like the bottom 3 strings of a normal bass guitar (E, A, D).


Here it is before I added the finish.


The neck was made with 5 pieces of wood; 3 maple and 2 padauk.  The body is alder wood.


I gave the body a dark brown finish.


Just making sure that everything fits together nicely.  I gave the body a dark brown finish.  The fretboard is bubinga.


Now the instrument is complete.  I used Aquila Thundergut strings.


The under saddle piezo pickup has a volume control and an endpin jack.  The saddle is made with purpleheart wood.



The laminated wood neck looks nice and snazzy.


This project turned out really nice.  Even though it’s really small, it packs a punch.

See it in action!


58 thoughts on “Violin Bass Ukulele

  1. TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    Very cool instrument. Did the extra scale inch improve the floppy feeling of these type of strings?. I’m thinking of building something with a 24″ scale if that would help. Do you know where I can get the piezo and preamp at a good cost?.

    1. danielhulbert Post author

      Even at 21″ the strings still have the normal rubbery floppiness. I’m not sure if adding a few more inches would change that.

      I just used an inexpensive piezo rod for this one. eBay is a good place for preamps.

    1. Oscar Stern

      Can you make plans for the instrument & also make a 4 string version of that 3 string U-Bass you already built?

      1. danielhulbert Post author

        Hi Oscar. The violin bass ukulele is a projects that I probably won’t be making plans for. Making plans and guides are very time consuming, so I have to be selective on the ones I do.

  2. Oscar Stern

    Why does the head stock need to be different if you were to make a 4 string version of the 3 string Violin U-Bass?

  3. Oscar Stern

    How wide does the neck of a violin bass ukulele need to be in order for it to accommodate 4 strings rather than the usual 3 strings?

  4. Oscar Stern

    That’s interesting I’d like to see a 4 string version of your 3 string violin bass ukulele someday. When will you build a 4 string violin bass ukulele?

  5. Oscar Stern

    A bass ukulele modeled after the hofoner Beatles bass but why does it use rubber strings instead of steel strings like a regular hofoner violin bass?

  6. Oscar Stern

    I’d like to hear you play some Beatles music on the violin bass ukulele someday. Can you also make electric guitaleles that are modified from your electric ukuleles?

  7. Oscar Stern

    I’d like to someday play “Live & let die” by Paul McCartney on the Violin U-Bass. It would’ve been interesting to have Paul McCartney play the Violin U-Bass.

  8. Oscar Stern

    It’s going to take a long time to make plans for a violin bass ukulele. I’ve figured out that the way we’re building the newer version has a semi hollow body. Would you say that a semi hollow body bass ukulele would sound really mellow?

  9. Oscar Stern

    Stradivari was a famous instrument maker & this would have been his next instrument. You really miss that guy do you?

  10. Oscar Stern

    I built a 5 string version with a headset jack out of really old & beat up book shelves. I call it the book shelve 5 string violin bass ukulele w/ headset jack.

  11. Oscar Stern

    That violin u-bass sounds interesting, & when you go to make the 4 string version you have to tell us the changes that we’re making, ’cause you made several tennis racket ukuleles, & you told us the changes you did to them when you made a whole new tennis racket ukulele.

  12. Oscar Stern

    You can print out pictures of a hofoner Beatles bass small & use them to make a 4 string version of the violin U-Bass.

  13. Oscar Stern

    The song I was playing on the 4 string version of your 3 string violin u-Bass was Seder crew by 613. It’s a parody of shape of you by Ed Sherran. If you want a 4 string version. You’ve been making ukuleles modeled after electric guitars by printing out the shape. For the 4 string violin U bass we’re printing out the shape of the hofonor Beatles bass.

  14. Oscar Stern

    It actually has 3 strings ’cause it’s modeled after an antique 3 string upright bass & you wanted it to have the same amount of strings as a 3 sting upright bass.

  15. Oscar Stern

    Modifying a 3 string violin bass ukulele into a 4 string requires making a whole new neck ’cause modifying the neck would require tools that aren’t on sale yet.

  16. Oscar Stern

    So to turn you’re 3 string violin u bass into a 4 string you need to make a neck that looks more like a hofonor violin bass but it’s smaller for a 21 in scale length w/ templates.

  17. Oscar Stern

    A 3 string to 4 string conversion on the violin bass ukulele would require adding extra wood which is actually like playing “Happy birthday” in a really high tuning “Nashville tuning.


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