Violin Bass Ukulele

Difficulty: Advanced

Cost: $$$

I’ve made a few bass ukuleles.  For this one I wanted to try a slotted headstock and a multiple piece neck.  I also wanted to make one that only has 3 strings.  It is still tuned like the bottom 3 strings of a normal bass guitar (E, A, D).


Here it is before I added the finish.


The neck was made with 5 pieces of wood; 3 maple and 2 padauk.  The body is alder wood.


I gave the body a dark brown finish.


Just making sure that everything fits together nicely.  I gave the body a dark brown finish.  The fretboard is bubinga.


Now the instrument is complete.  I used Aquila Thundergut strings.


The under saddle piezo pickup has a volume control and an endpin jack.  The saddle is made with purpleheart wood.



The laminated wood neck looks nice and snazzy.


This project turned out really nice.  Even though it’s really small, it packs a punch.

See it in action!


4 thoughts on “Violin Bass Ukulele

  1. TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    Very cool instrument. Did the extra scale inch improve the floppy feeling of these type of strings?. I’m thinking of building something with a 24″ scale if that would help. Do you know where I can get the piezo and preamp at a good cost?.

    1. danielhulbert Post author

      Even at 21″ the strings still have the normal rubbery floppiness. I’m not sure if adding a few more inches would change that.

      I just used an inexpensive piezo rod for this one. eBay is a good place for preamps.


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