Banjo Guitar Repair

A friend brought me an old banjo guitar to see if I could fix it up.  He inherited from his grandma who had had it for years.  From the look of it, it seemed that someone had taken an old banjo body and added a 6 string guitar neck to it.  It was missing strings, the bridge, and the tailpiece.   20140117-170107.jpg 20140117-165829.jpg   All of the banjo hardware was in fairly good shape.  The banjo head didn’t even need to be replace. 20140117-165841.jpg 20140117-165854.jpg   The neck was probably from a a Tele or a Strat kit. 20140117-165904.jpg   The tuners were old, but still serviceable.  I only had to replace one tuner post and one tuner gear. 20140117-170059.jpg   Everything was taken apart and cleaned.   The neck and banjo rim were given a coat of Tru-Oil to brighten up the wood. 20140117-165918.jpg

The banjo guitar is playable again!  This type of instrument is really fun to play.  If you play the guitar, then you can get the banjo sound without the learning curve.20140117-165928.jpg

Video time!


5 thoughts on “Banjo Guitar Repair

  1. Johnny

    I love the sound of the banjo. It brings a unique feeling to any band. In fact some of my favorite bands all have the banjo in them. Because of that my brother just bought be a banjo. I haven’t had any problems yet but, if I do, I know where to figure out repairs. Thanks for sharing.


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