David’s Travel Ukulele

One of the funs things about writing a blog about making ukes and other instruments is when other builders get in touch with me.  David from Northamptonshire, UK emailed me and showed me his awesome travel ukulele.


One of my favorite parts is how David extended the banjo style geared tuners.  He extended the tuning pegs by with a short piece of tube pinned to a solid rod.  This is then slipped over the peg and held in place with a split pin.  (Great idea David!)



The pickup is a piezo rod connected to the output jack.



He used a zero fret as the nut. Dsc03528a


David also built a portable amp that can be attached to the back of the uke.  This can turn a quiet ukulele into a room filling instrument.

Dsc04845c Dsc04842c Dsc04841c

Excellent ukulele David!  We would love to see any other projects you do.


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