Quad Neck Ukulele

Difficulty: Intermediate

Cost: $$


No matter how impractical the end result turns out to be, it is still very satisfying to see an idea come to fruition.  The point of this instrument was to combine all four major sizes of ukuleles into one uke.  This uke has a soprano (13 inch scale),  a concert (15 inch scale), a tenor (17 inch scale), and a baritone (19 inch scale) neck.


This uke started as a La Flor Dominicana cigar box from eBay.  I picked this particular one because it is oversized and has a unique, triangular shape.


The four rough cut necks.  I used the same sized headstock for all four necks, and identical tuners.


Getting ready to glue everything together.  I got the bridges for an eBay seller in Turkey.


This ukulele will “spin you right ’round, baby”.

13 - 1

I installed a single locking strap peg on the back to allow the instrument to rotate.

See it in action!


5 thoughts on “Quad Neck Ukulele

  1. Oscar Stern

    If you’re making an electric quad neck ukulele with steel strings, use magnetic pickups. If it has nylon strings use piezo pickups. Why are D’addario titanium strings really made out of nylon even though titanium is a type of metal.


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