Walking Cane Ukulele

Difficulty: Advanced

Cost: $$

After seeing other walking stick/instruments online, I wanted to make my own.  I relied heavily on the experience I gained while building my travel ukulele from a single piece of wood.


The wood on this ukulele is bird’s eye maple.  The piece I started with was about 1″ X 5″ X 38″.  Once I drew out the plans on the wood, I slotted the fret slots while the wood still had its factory edges.  That keep the frets nice and square.


I cut out the rest of the body and then pounded the frets into the slots.  The scale length is 19 inches and I tune it like a regular uke (high g, c, e, a).  The under saddle piezo rod is soldered directly to the flush mount jack.  The saddle is a length of plastic tubing placed on top of a piece of angled aluminum.


This is set up to be used in the right hand of the user.  I tried to keep the back as free as possible snag points.   I debated not having strap pegs, but put them on because the unwieldy shape can make it hard to hold while playing.


The wood was given a Tru-Oil finish.  This is a really fun instrument, and I may pretend to be injured just as for excuse to use it in public.  🙂

See it in action!


14 thoughts on “Walking Cane Ukulele

  1. kinguke

    I think you need to invest in some white gloves Daniel. And possibly some spats. Fantastic job. I particularly like how that wood has come up. Bird’s Eye Maple has a lovely look to it! I’m becoming more and more intrigued with tru-oil. Never used this before.

  2. Lance

    Gooday Daniel.
    Mate, I’m intrigued with this instrument, it looks amazing.
    Couple of questions. Firstly I can’t play any musical instrument but do want to lean a string tool. I have a problem with my fingers in that my knuckles won’t allow me to wrap around a smallish neck.
    Is there any reason a neck can’t be made wider across the fretboard ?
    Do you have plans for the W/stick Uke ?

    1. danielhulbert Post author

      You could make the neck as wide as you need it to be. This one is almost as wide as an acoustic guitar neck.

      I don’t have plans for this one, but I might make some rudimentary plans for a 3 string dulcimer/strumstick cane in the future.

  3. Jack

    Looks amazing! Never done a ukulele build before, but very interested in starting. What would you say I should do as a beginner, and do you have any basic tips/tricks to custom building?

    1. danielhulbert Post author

      I’d start with something simple, like a diddley bow.
      You could also try one of my simple plans (found through the free plans tab).

      I taught a class last summer that might be helpful.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. Oscar Stern

    I put a picture of it on a piece of paper, it’s going to have an EMG piezo pickup along with geared tuners & a preamp with a headset output & aux input. P.S. the headphone amp of your’s is going to work great. It also works on an electric piano.

  5. Oscar Stern

    The walking cane guitalele is a guitalele shaped like a walking cane & it has a similar appearance to the walking cane ukulele but it has 2 extra strings.


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