Flying V Ukulele

Difficulty: Advanced

Cost: $$

My brother asked me to build him a ukulele.  He liked the look of the wood on my Northern Ukulele.  As we discussed specifications, his instrument morphed into a full-fledged Flying V style ukulele.  It has a tenor scale length (17 inches).  All of the wood is walnut except for the rosewood fretboard and bridge.



I laid out the parts to make sure that everything would fit together.


The construction of the body was easier than a traditionally shaped uke because the wood didn’t need to be bent on an iron.


The top was glued and clamped on.  I did the top first to allow better access for the electrical components.


It has a piezo pickup with one potentiometer to control the volume.   The endpin jack also serves as the strap peg.


The whole instrument was given a Tru-Oil finish with a gunstock wax polishing.

13 - 1 (2)

It’s done!  The longer neck is really fun to play.   This sounds great both unplugged and amplified.

See it in action!


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