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The Ukulele Blog: Daniel Hulbert

daniel hulbert - eddy finn

My friend King Uke was nice enough to write an article about me for his blog.  I meet Mr. Uke through the Electric Ukulele Land website a few years ago.  He has made some really cool ukuleles too.  Be sure to check out his Sharkfin and his Kingcaster ukes.

Check out the link below to read King’s take on my obsession.  🙂

You’ll see references to some of my older projects,  and (if you look carefully) hints to coming instruments.

Sopranino Ukulele

Difficulty: Advanced

Cost: $$

Ukuleles are already small, but sometimes it’s fun to make one even smaller than a normal soprano.  Miles R. from the UKEonomics Blog asked me to make him sopranino ukulele, so we exchanged emails until we tacked down the specifications.  We decided on cherry being the main wood, with a rosewood fretboard and bridge.  It has abalone inlays and bone nut and saddle.  Grover 3W tuners were used with Worth Clear Light strings.


20130803-211350.jpgNOOOOO!! That not a frying pan! That’s an unfinished uke.  Put the egg down!!  (I used a Spanish style heel to connect the neck.  A Spanish heel combines the neck and a neck block)


The scale length on this instrument is 11 inches.  That is 2 inches smaller than a normal soprano.   Even though this uke is tiny, it still plays great.


Applying Tru-Oil on the body and then buffing on gunstock wax really makes the wood look shine.

See it in action!


Miles Ramsay got his ukulele in the mail and recorded a video with it.  Great playing and singing Miles!