Maple Acoustic Guitar

Difficulty: Advanced

Cost: $$$

This is my very first acoustic guitar project.  My brother asked me to build him a small bodied guitar.  I was happy to accept the challenge.  🙂

Here are the specifications:

Neck, back, and sides:  Maple

Top:  Spruce

Fretboard, bridge, and heel cap:  Rosewood

Scale length: 22.75 inches

Nut and Saddle:  Bone

Bridge pins:  Ivoroid

photo 1

I bent the side wood with the same bender used for my Koa Soprano Ukulele.

photo 5

In order to glue on the top and back, I needed some spool clamps.  Following some instructions on the UKEonomics blog, I was able to make some.

photo 4

This is a small bodied guitar, so I was able to get away with basic bracing. I used an “X” brace, two cross braces and a bridge plate.  The sound hole was made with a circle cutter mounted to a drill press.

photo 3

The back is made of two pieces.  Once the bracing and kerf was attached, the back was glued on with the help of the spool clamps.  The overhang on the top and back were removed with a trim router and a flush bit.  (Be careful when using a trim router on a guitar.  Follow the pattern mentioned by Stewart-MacDonald.)

Here are some “glamour” shots of the finished guitar.

Maple Acoustic Guitar(front)

Maple Acoustic Guitar(back)


See it in action!


4 thoughts on “Maple Acoustic Guitar

  1. butcheringsaint

    Awesome man! I really dig how you laid out the steps in photos. I have wanted to make my own guitar for years but it still seems daunting to me. Looks like I could learn a thing or two from you!! Cool.

  2. Matt

    That guitar sounds fantastic! Having built electric guitars, and knowing the amount of patience and skill that takes, I have such a ton of respect for people who build acoustics, which are far more complicated. Great work!!!


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