Cigar Box Strumstick

Difficulty:  Intermediate

Cost:  $ or $$

Stick Dulcimers (also are known by the trademarked name “Strumstick”) are extremely easy and fun to play. Learn more about them here. I made this one for my brother.


I picked up the empty cigar box for a few dollars.  The neck is poplar and the fretboard is oak.

strumstick dots

I wanted to make this easy for a beginner to use, so I added numbered beads to the top of the fretboard.  Having numbered frets makes it easier to use Strumstick or dulcimer tablature.



See it in action!


3 thoughts on “Cigar Box Strumstick

  1. Oscar Stern

    It’s possible to make a chromatic version by adding the frets in between the wide fret spaces. Which pickup is appropriate for it if you were to electrify it.


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