Cookie Tin Ukulele

Difficulty:  Easy

Cost:  $

This is quick and easy project.  Most of the parts came from a Grizzly Ukulele kit.  I found a suitable tin that was sturdy enough and had an interesting design.  The neck was attached to the tin with screws and epoxy.  A small piece of moulding was slotted and shaped to serve as the floating bridge.

See it in action!


11 thoughts on “Cookie Tin Ukulele

  1. Daniel

    i really want to build one of this, can you send me some plans?
    thanks you very very much

    1. danielhulbert Post author

      I don’t have any plans for this one, but if you buy the ukulele kit that I mentioned, all you really have to do is attach it to a tin that you find. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. critter42

    There is a seam on most tins where the loop is formed, and that is where I’m attaching my neck – a) this will hide the seam, making it look better and b) as the seam has the two ends overlapping, it is slightly stronger at that point.


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