Cedar and Mahogany Ukulele

Difficulty:  Advanced

Cost:  $$$

After building the Koa Super Soprano ukulele, I was asked to make a concert sized acoustic ukulele for my sister’s birthday.

The back, sides, and neck are made of mahogany.  The top is cedar and the fretboard is bubinga.


I’ve built dozens of ukuleles, but I might be hooked on these acoustic ones.  They are really satisfying to build and they sound awesome when I string them up.


The colors of the woods and the style of the bridge remind me of a classical guitar.


I gave this uke a Tru-Oil finish.  Tru-Oil gives the instrument a great look and you don’t need any special equipment.


After building the ukulele, I decided that it needed a custom case.  I got some hints from an article on the UKEonomics blog.  It will now travel in style and protection.


See it in action!


1 thought on “Cedar and Mahogany Ukulele

  1. Oscar Stern

    The cedar & Mahogany guitalele has a piezo pickup underneath the bridge & it’s similar in appearance but with a wider neck & head stock.


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