Skateboard Ukulele

Difficulty:  Intermediate

Cost:  $$

I’ve made instruments out of all sorts of stuff.  When I saw an old skateboard deck at a garage sale, I had to have it.  I thought it would make the perfect body for an electric ukulele.


Because both ends curve back, I didn’t have to do anything to angle the headstock.  Using a scroll saw, I cut out the space for the neck, headstock, pickup, and Stratocaster-style jack plate. I kept the wood above and below the neck to give the instrument more stability and to the keep overall shape of the skateboard.  A fretboard with a 17 inch scale was epoxied to the neck.


Most of the grip tape was left on the board.  I stripped the grip tape from the bak of the neck.  I was going to add about 1/4 inch of wood to the back of the neck, but that would have made it too thick.  Instead, I just carved the neck a little bit and stained it black.  A board with rounded over edges was attached to the back to cover the wiring and components.


I made a pickup ring for the single coil pickup with some black pickguard material.  The pickup  is connected to a volume potentiometer.

Out of all the electric ukuleles that I’ve made,  this was the fastest to make.  Not having to rout out the body, carve and shape the neck, and apply a glossy finish really cut down on the build time.

See it in action!

10 thoughts on “Skateboard Ukulele

  1. Kohen

    Hi there is there any chance I can get plans from this skateboard ukulele ? seems like a fun challenge to do in the holidays!!

  2. Andrei Charlier

    Hello, I would really like do make one of these! I don’t have any experience making ukuleles. So a tutorial of some sort would really help me out.


  3. Oscar Stern

    Would it be easier to make a skateboard guitalele if you just came up with plans on how to make the body.

  4. Oscar Stern

    It’s similar to one of my upcoming creations “The lyre ukulele” because it’s shaped like a lyre.


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