Koa Super Soprano Ukulele

Difficulty:  Advanced

Cost:  $$$

If you familiar with this blog, then you know that I’ve built lots of ukulele (plus other instruments).  But, this is the first acoustic ukulele that I’ve built with a traditionally shaped body.  It was really intimidating to me, and I didn’t have all the required tools.

12 - 1 (1)

One of the tools that I needed most was a wood bender.  I built a simple one with a metal pipe mounted to my work bench.  A ball of aluminum foil stuffed into the end, and then the pipe is heated with a heat gun.  Once it was hot, I started to bend the side wood.  It is not an easy process, but with patience and a spray bottle of water, the wood slowly begins to bend.


This picture shows how applying a Tru-Oil finish brings out the color and beauty of the wood.


I am very pleased with how this turned out.  It looks very pretty and plays like a dream.  I put Worth Brown strings on it.



The bridge has a piezo pickup under the bridge.  This pickup is connected directly to the endpin jack.

I learned a lot from building this ukulele.  I’m going to incorporate this new knowledge into my next instruments.

See it in action!


3 thoughts on “Koa Super Soprano Ukulele

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  3. Oscar Stern

    I’m working on a Koa Super Soprano Guitalele. It’s made out of wood laminate from old bookshelves. Is there a way to make an acoustic ukulele that uses steel strings?


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