Tenor Tin Ukulele

Difficulty:  Intermediate

Cost:  $$

This ukulele takes a lot of cues from “cigar box” instrument building methodology.  An “Uncle Ben’s Rice” tin serves as the body.  In order to reinforce the tin, the neck extends far into the box.   This adds strength so the tin does not buckle under the tension of the strings.

photo 5

photo 4

The fretboard is made of oak.  The neck is poplar and maple.  The top is also poplar.

rice tin

When I found the tin at a thrift shop, I was drawn to the guitar and ukulele art that was on the outside.  This tin was meant to be part of an instrument!

photo 3 photo 2

photo 1

This ukulele is equipped with a piezo pickup.  It also has a volume poteniometer.  It is wired like this.  (more info from C.B. Gitty)

See it in action!

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