Altoids Ukulele


Quite a few people have asked about plans for the Altoids ukulele.  They are now available!

Download the free plans and start building.  Before building this ukulele, I would advise you to read through all of the steps to get the overall picture.  Also, make sure to be familiar with the tools you are using and PLEASE use caution.  Follow the plans to make an Altoids Ukulele with a concert (15 inch) scale, or tailor the plans to make you own masterpiece.  Use a different tin or a wooden box for a different look.

Download the free plans!

Altoids Ukulele Plans

Email if you have any questions or comments.

Check out my other Altoids Instruments.


15 thoughts on “Altoids Ukulele

  1. Zach.C

    Hi I’m trying to attemp to make the guitar hero ukulele and I was wondering if you could help me with the fret board and where I can buy fret wire? Thanks

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  4. Daniel K.

    Hi- I’m having a great time building this! I also have a larger tin, and was wondering how I should change the neck dimensions for a tenor version? I can use an online calculator for the frets, but I’m not sure how much longer the wood cuts should be. Thanks!

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  6. Dave Green

    Hi, what do you use for the zero fret on the Altoids uke, & how much higher than the other frets should it stand?

    1. danielhulbert Post author

      You can actually use the same size of fret wire for the zero fret. But lately I’ve used bass fret wire for the zero fret and medium/medium wire for the rest.

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  8. Oscar Stern

    What would an acoustic ukulele with steel strings look like. Would it have to use a bridge that has bridge pins?


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