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Lafayette Lilt Tutorial

I demonstrate all of my instruments with either an original song, or one in the public domain.  One of my favorite original songs is one that I call “Lafayette Lilt”.  I tabbed the song and made a video with tips for my brother a few months ago.  Quite a few people have asked how to play it, so here it is.  Enjoy.

Download the tabs here:

Lafayette Lilt tabs

Altoids Ukulele


Quite a few people have asked about plans for the Altoids ukulele.  They are now available!

Download the free plans and start building.  Before building this ukulele, I would advise you to read through all of the steps to get the overall picture.  Also, make sure to be familiar with the tools you are using and PLEASE use caution.  Follow the plans to make an Altoids Ukulele with a concert (15 inch) scale, or tailor the plans to make you own masterpiece.  Use a different tin or a wooden box for a different look.

Download the free plans!

Altoids Ukulele Plans

Email if you have any questions or comments.

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Travel Ukulele

Difficulty:  Advanced

Cost:  $$

It’s no secret that I love travel ukuleles.  I designed and built the Home Depot Travel Ukulele, the DIY Travel Ukulele, the Solid Body Travel Ukulele, and the Acoustic Travel Ukulele.  All of these ukes have interesting design features and considerations, but none of them are as indestructible as this travel ukulele.


The main reason that this ukulele is so robust is that the body, neck, and fretboard were made from one piece of solid maple.  It isn’t very loud if it’s not plugged into an amp, but It is loud enough for personal practice.

To see the major steps of this project, check out the Travel Ukulele Article on Electric Ukulele Land.

See it in Action!