Bass Ukulele

Difficulty:  Advanced

Cost:  $$$


Ukuleles come in all shapes and sizes.  Bass ukuleles are fun for both ukulele players and bass guitarist who want a more portable instrument.  Bass ukuleles are tuned like a normal bass guitar (E, A, D, G).

The bass ukulele that I built features a piezo saddle pickup with an active preamp that is powered by a 9 volt battery.  The maple neck has a 20 inch scale. It has Road Toad polyurethane strings and Ashbory bass tuners.  The body was finished with “Orang Orange” nitrocellulose laquer from Reranch.

Read all about the construction here:

See it in action!


7 thoughts on “Bass Ukulele

  1. Sven van Leeuwen

    Thanks, I’m gonna play around with that.
    I am thinking about cutting an old short scale bass and use it as a ukulele bass with Aquila ‘Thundergut’ Bass Ukulele Strings.
    This should help me get started 🙂

  2. Oscar Stern

    I’ve noticed you made several U-Basses & that they use rubber strings. Why do your bass ukuleles use synthetic rubber strings & wound U-Bass strings rather than natural rubber strings? So for people that have rubber allergies I made a new rule. “No natural rubber strings allowed because we have natural rubber allergies”. Are wound U-Bass strings appropriate for musicians who have latex allergies?

  3. Oscar Stern

    You were making several bass ukuleles all modeled after electric bass guitars. Wouldn’t an on off volume knob help the battery last longer?

  4. Oscar Stern

    There’s a new song I’m going to play for you in a couple of years “Uptown Passover” Parody of “Uptown Funk” By six13.


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