Bass Ukulele

Difficulty:  Advanced

Cost:  $$$


Ukuleles come in all shapes and sizes.  Bass ukuleles are fun for both ukulele players and bass guitarist who want a more portable instrument.  Bass ukuleles are tuned like a normal bass guitar (E, A, D, G).

The bass ukulele that I built features a piezo saddle pickup with an active preamp that is powered by a 9 volt battery.  The maple neck has a 20 inch scale. It has Road Toad polyurethane strings and Ashbory bass tuners.  The body was finished with “Orang Orange” nitrocellulose laquer from Reranch.

Read all about the construction here:

See it in action!


4 thoughts on “Bass Ukulele

  1. Sven van Leeuwen

    Thanks, I’m gonna play around with that.
    I am thinking about cutting an old short scale bass and use it as a ukulele bass with Aquila ‘Thundergut’ Bass Ukulele Strings.
    This should help me get started 🙂


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